Food Porn Truck Hits a Bump.

Remember yesterday's food truck porn story? There's scandal afoot! learned that the food truck in Ron Jeremy's new film, "The Flying Pink Pig" is a real Los Angeles food truck, used without the owner's permission. The owner of the Flying Pig, Joe Kim, was told by an ex-employee that the a "romantic" film was being made in the truck. Having Ron Jeremy at work in your food truck probably violates some health codes, which isn't good for Kim, who's in the process of launching his first non-mobile restaurant. (H/T to Ian for catching this piece.)

In a few years, perhaps pornographers will be looking for pop-up restaurants to use as sets. Frank Bruni writes in the New York Times about chefs setting up shop in locations scheduled for demolition for cheap rent, low investments, and the chance to have a restaurant with no long-term commitment.

Restaurants in New Orleans aren't going anywhere. Time looks at the dining revival in the Crescent City without summoning the specter of that storm a few years ago. New food in New Orleans maintains its rich Creole heritage while losing much of its fussiness. Josh Ozersky takes a look at new-school New Orleans restaurants Sylvain, Patois, and La Provence, while tackling the culinary sins of the city's past.

Beef fat could be a new trend in Houston; they've got some to spare. The Houston Chronicle reports that the Houston Ship Channel was clogged with beef fat on Wednesday. 250,000 gallons of liquid fat spilled from an onshore storage tank owned by Jacob Sterns and Sons. 15,000 gallons found its way to a storm drain and into the channel. The fat solidified in the water, making clean-up a cinch. Sort of like skimming beef broth, but with pitchforks and giant fishing nets.

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