Arizona Taqueria Puts Lion on the Menu

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Someone just told this fella about "Exotic Taco Wednesday."
Regular readers know that Gut Check loves few things more than a taco. So great is our love that we've developed a sort of sixth sense for when something the world of tacos. Thus, when we awoke this morning feeling unsettled, we knew it wasn't simply because we would be snowed in today with only a single bottle of wine in the house. When we found this story, via Gawker, the cause of our discomfort became clear.

The restaurant is called Boca Tacos y Tequila, and the lion tacos are part of a weekly promotion called "Exotic Taco Wednesday." Previous "exotic" tacos have featured kangaroo and python, but serving Simba clearly takes it to another level. The tacos will cost $8.75 and must be preordered because, you know, ordering more lion meat than you can sell is gauche.

Which, of course, compels me to ask: Who among you, dear readers, has tried lion meat?

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