New Starbucks Logo Gives Added Fuel to Haters

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Starbucks has revealed the latest version of its iconic logo. As the photo above shows, the basic appearance of the siren doesn't differ very much from its previous version. However, the most obvious change in the new logo will give more ammunition to those deride Starbucks for overroasting its beans: The word coffee has vanished entirely.

Is Starbucks finally admitting that its product shouldn't be confused with the real deal -- especially now that coffee, like beer, has become an object of cultish and occasionally insufferable obsession?

Or is it more likely that Starbucks Coffee and Triple Grande Iced Non-Fat, One-Pump Vanilla, Extra Caramel Drizzle Caramel Macchiato Emporium wouldn't fit on the cup?

(h/t: Gawker)

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Mike N.
Mike N.

This does follow in line with their "Stealth Starbucks" (non-branded stores) concept. I haven't heard much about that plan since they openned 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea in Seattle. But considering most comments on that idea contained some form of the word "motherfucker", they probably won't be rolling out a whole lot of non-Starbuck Starbucks.


I think it's a good looking logo. Does anything else really matter?


value engineering - one color costs less to print than two!

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