City Hears Proposal to Relocate Tony's Restaurant to the Cheshire Inn

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The Cheshire Inn lies just within the St. Louis city limits.
A committee of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen was informed this month that downtown restaurant stalwart Tony's is expected to vacate its location on Market Street to take up residency at the remodeled Cheshire Inn near the intersection of Clayton Road and Skinker Boulevard.

St. Louis-based Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM) purchased the Cheshire Inn (located inside the St. Louis city limits) and the adjoining Cheshire Lodge (a hotel in Richmond Heights) last fall and is renovating both properties. In November Bob O'Loughlin, chairman of LHM, told the St. Louis Business Journal he wanted Tony's for the Cheshire Inn -- a restaurant/bar that most recently served as a 3 a.m. hot spot in the 1990s and early 2000s. 

Speaking before the Board of Alderman's Housing, Urban Development & Zoning Committee earlier this month, a representative of LHM asked the city for ten years' tax abatement for the Cheshire Inn property and said the plan was to make the building the new home of Tony's.

"They said they were talking to Tony's, and the impression I got was that it was a pretty serious conversation," recalls Alderman Fred Wessels (13th Ward), chair of the HUDZ committee. Wessels adds that it is his understanding that Anthony's Bar, a power-lunch joint located around the corner from Tony's on Broadway downtown, will also move into the Cheshire Inn.

Vince Bommarito, who owns Tony's, says he hasn't signed any lease at this point. "We're looking to see if the numbers work," Bommarito tells Gut Check. "It's not a done deal."

Under the tax abatement approved by the HUDZ committee and to be voted on by the entire board on Friday, the property tax for the Cheshire Inn would remain at its current level for the next ten years. While Tony's move would be a hit to the downtown dining scene, Wessels and other St. Louis politicos say it's better than having the restaurant move outside the city limits.

Bommarito tells Gut Check that he has looked at moving his restaurant to other locations in recent years, including the former site of Busch's Grove in Ladue. Tony's is routinely ranked as one of Missouri's finest restaurants and the only St. Louis dining spot to earn four stars from the Mobil Travel Guide.

A representative with LHM did not return phone calls from Gut Check.

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Scott Ogilvie
Scott Ogilvie

While I'm very excited about a renovated Cheshire Inn and new restaurant, and welcome them to the neighborhood, there is an issue with closing that short stretch of Clayton Ave. for parking. That street needs to stay open in the west to east direction, it is the access point for people coming to the businesses in Dogtown, parents picking up students at the Dewey School, and neighborhood residents. A compromise needs to be reached that does not harm access to the area east of Skinker. Perhaps closing the street in one direction to add parking and keeping it open West to East, while improving the crosswalk across Skinker would be a compromise that would benefit existing businesses, local residents, and the new ownership of the Cheshire. Scott Ogilvie - Independent for Alderman Ward 24


Vince should move his restaurant outside the city limits JUST TO REPAY the mayor for pressuring him to resign from the Police Commission. He got caught doing what almost EVERY politician and MOST successful businessmen have done in STL over the past century! In St. Louis, it's whom you know, and whom you blow. Just talk with Mayor Slay himself.......about the concessions he may have granted family members over the years.......just sayin~!


Well, at least it's still in the city.

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