Poll Result: Gay or Not Gay, Gimme That Chick-fil-A!

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​A few weeks back, Gut Check polled our readers, asking them you whether poultry purveyor Chick-fil-A's seeming affection for sanctity-of-marriage militants stands in your way of the tasty product said purveyor purveys.

Wrote we:

You see, it has come to light that the company is all kinds of anti-gay: Yep, franchise owners are known to support sanctity-of-marriage groups, and the privately held, Christian-fried parent corporation runs a pro-family, anti-same-sex-marriage nonprofit, the WinShape Foundation.

And the survey says...!

A whopping 59 percent of respondents have said right-leaning compass or no, they're ordering them some chikin!

The comments thread was interesting...

​You can read the original post here.

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