Five Bistro's Midweek $25 Prix Fixe: Fine Dining at a Finer Price

Chef and owner Anthony Devoti of Five Bistro, located on Daggett Avenue on the Hill
​When it comes to dining, many folks who have no qualms whatsoever about diving into unfamiliar cuisine still have reservations (no pun intended) about venturing into a new price range -- or a style of dining that implies it could get pricey.

Financial prudence, as we all know, has its place. But it's also important to treat yourself -- and all the more so when you're on a tight budget, when the temptation is to avoid temptation.

It came as welcome news a month or so back when Niche (1831 Sidney Street; 314-773-7755) announced it would be open on Mondays and knocking a sawbuck off its everyday $40 prix fixe dinner. Thirty bucks for a three-course meal on a Monday night? What a treat!

This past weekend, Five Bistro (5100 Daggett Avenue; 314-773-5553) upped the ante -- or, more accurately, lowered it -- announcing a new prix fixe offer: a three-course dinner for $25 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

The Five staffer we reached over the weekend describes the offer as "perfectly suited for a quick dinner before or after a theater event or a leisurely visit with family and friends."

Five's $25 deal premieres tomorrow, March 1 -- an ideal night to catch a reasonably priced meal at an RFT favorite on the Hill, followed by an Oscar-winning film.

And if perchance you're feeling particularly flush with cash, you could make it a double feature and hit Niche in Benton Park for the $30 deal tonight.

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Five Bistro

5100 Daggett Ave., St. Louis, MO

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