Jimmy Buffett's National Margarita Day -- and 7 Other Celeb/Booze Tie-Ins

​Is National Wine Appreciation Week wearing you out? Maybe all you need is a change of pace.

Lucky you! Today's National Margarita Day! At least, according to Jimmy Buffett, who will be opening Verizon Wireless Amphitheater's season on May 3.

And who could doubt the word of a 64-year-old man who recently fell headfirst off a stage and lived to (probably) write a simple little ditty about the experience? Not Gut Check! Especially when said stumbler sells his own line of inexpensive tequila. Which may or may not have contributed to his fall.

It only makes sense that, if Buffett's going to capitalize on anything, it's margaritas and tequila. But he's not the only celeb who offers his own line of booze and might someday threaten us with fake holidays to celebrate said products...

7. Willem Dafoe | Jim Beam

Willem Dafoe's the latest to jump on the booze-endorsement bandwagon. Might as well, since he's been in at least 75 percent of all films made since 1980. In Platoon he declared that feeling good was good enough. His character was introducing another to pot at the time. Now Dafoe's advising people to choose Jim Beam to make them feel good.

6. Danny DeVito | Danny DeVito's Limoncello
Danny DeVito has his own brand of limoncello. It's the same color as taxis and Philly sunshine.

5. Willie Nelson | Old Whiskey River Bourbon
Write a song about a specific booze, and eventually you have to bottle it. Willie Nelson did with his Old Whiskey River Bourbon, which does not include the Red-Headed Stranger's favorite herbal infusions. Judging from how people react to an auction of the bourbon, perhaps they should considering mellowing a bit.

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