How to Handle a Negative Yelp Review

The rise of "amateur" review sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon has led to numerous tales of chefs and other business owners reacting to criticisms with outrage and even lawsuits.

The well-mannered restaurateur knows that the best way to handle unwarranted criticism is with a generous spirit and, ideally, a sense of humor. A prime example is this postcard that Chicago restaurant Longman & Eagle had printed and hands out with guests' checks. The text is from a Yelp review:


We saw this via Eater, and as Eater points out, the restaurant was even kind enough to clean up the spelling and grammar of the original Yelp post!

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Yes! I totally agree that this is a funny way to deal with negative yelp reviews. has a funny article written up about reputation management and the problems of yelp

Dr. Crash
Dr. Crash

Ray, stop spamming your crummy business' website on every Yelp article. kthxbye

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