Top 3 Pet Peeves of a Bevo Mill Barmaid

Nicholas Phillips
Miss Sparkle knows how to wield a beer.
In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves anonymously -- but honestly.

Gut Check Code Name: Miss Sparkle

Position: Barmaid, a neighborhood dive in Bevo Mill

Pet Peeve #1
Miss Sparkle: "I hate when my customers pick their nose." 

Nearby regular: "You didn't catch me."

Miss Sparkle: "Yes I did. You ate it."

Pet Peeve #2
Miss Sparkle: "I hate when drunk customers make a mess then try to clean it up. That usually makes it worse. One guy came in here and did six shots of Jäger[meister]. Then he starts puking in his mouth. Then he finally pukes and tries to clean it up by taking his shirt off and sopping it up."

Pet Peeve #3
Miss Sparkle: "I hate when people take smelly-ass shits in the bathroom."

Gut Check: "But how often does that happen?"

Miss Sparkle: "A lot. It already happened tonight!"

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