Pro Athletes Only Endorse Healthy Food, Right?

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Remember Flutie Flakes?
​Parents are so gullible.

An Australian study published in Public Health Nutrition indicates that half of Australia's parents don't read the nutritional information and were twice as likely to buy junk food for their kids if it's endorsed by a professional athlete.

Because athletes are always the pinnacle of perfect behavior and good eating endorsements.

Yeah, that's right, like these eight dudes!

8. Chunky Soup and Football Great Donovan McNabb

Even Mama McNabb endorses Chunky Soup, which has 35 percent of the daily recommended intake of sodium per cup. Not per can. Per cup. It's a lot like taking a salt pill.

7. Coca-Cola and Football Icon Mean Joe Green
The classic, heart-warming tale of a surly football player and an unattended child who trades a bottle of sugar water for a sweaty jersey. It's good for the soul.

6. 7-Up and Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard
Total Mean Joe Green ripoff, this time with the athlete pouring the sugar water down his young child's gullet. That's how fighters are made. Mmmmm...sugar...!

5. Reggie Bars and Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson
When kids dream of hitting three home runs in a World Series game, you know what they're really dreaming of? Getting their own candy bar that tastes pretty good!

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