The Knives Have It: Local Chefs and Their Favorite Tools

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More gadgets than a Williams-Sonoma outlet store. (Click pic for humongous version.)

Got gadgets? Pop Chart Lab does, and they've put 100 of them on a poster. But are all of them beloved? Can you find any local chefs who give names to their chinoise, or keep their clam knife in hand for the duration of their shifts?

Not really. St. Louis chefs love their basic tools.

Marc Baltes of Pi Pizzeria - A mortar and pestle. I use it almost as much as my chef's knife.

Bob Colosimo of Eleven Eleven Mississippi - High-quality chef's knife.

Adam Gnau of Acero - My staff

Agi and Aaron Groff of 4 Seasons Baked Goods & Catering - Agi: Aaron has a little spatula he calls "my precious." Aaron: My precious, or my bench scraper.

Eliott Harris of Miso on Meramec - My yanagi (Japanese knife). It's in my hand 90 percent of the time I'm at work.

Freddie Holland of Match Foods, Inc. - Tongs.

Christopher Lee of Cafe Ventana, Sanctuaria and Chuy Arzola's - My hand-forged Takeda knife.

David Molina of BARcelona Tapas - Fish spatula.

Clara Moore of Local Harvest Cafe and Catering - My knives.

Robin Murphy of Bailey's Chocolate Bar, Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar, and Rooster - ThermoWorks Super-Fast Thermapen with three-second readings. Fantastic!

Jennifer Pensoneau of J.Fires' Market Bistro - Six-and-a-quarter-inch chef's knife.

John Perkins of Entre: Underground - Whisk, and this spoon that has a flat edge to it -- just love that thing.

Jarvis Putnam of Bossanova Restaurant and Martini Lounge - Emulsion blender.

Lou Rook III of Annie Gunn's - My knives.

Leanna Russo of BitterSweet Bakery - My extra-long MAC paring knife.

Mark Sanfilippo of Salume Beddu - My ten-inch chef's knife.

Marilyn Scull of Ann & Allen Baking Company and Park Avenue Coffee - Spatula

Amy Zupanci of Fond and Township Grocer - Hands.

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