Water Cup Confusion Roils Dehydrated Wash U. Bagel Lovers

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A colleague passed along this dramatic tale from Student Life, the student newspaper of our neighbors at Washington University. Seems the new Einstein Bros. outlet at the Olin Business School is causing confusion:
Einstein Bros. Bagels, which opened Feb. 4 in the Olin Business School, has charged students 25 cents for water cups at times but provided a free cup at others.

Students are not charged for water cups at Bear's Den, the Danforth University Center, the Village eateries or Subway.
The 478-word piece speaks with students shocked by the quarter-a-cup charge, like freshman Jordan Gamble, who was forced to pay two bits for water after leaving her own bottle in her dorm room.

No worries, thirsty Wash U. types: The company's official policy, according to the article, is not to charge for water.

The current undergraduate tuition at Washington University is $39,400.

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Hey, it takes a lot of quarters to save up for $40,000. ...Their parents to save up for $40,000. ...Students to save their parents' prepaid meal point money for their parents to save up for $40,000.

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