Guess Who's Coming at Dinner: A Review of The Flying Pink Pig, the Food Truck Porn Film

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Courtesy: Metro Media Entertainment
Sunny Lane, owner of the Flying Pink Pig: This is one of the few promo shots we could use.
How do you know that the food truck phenomenon has transcended the realm of the foodies and entered the pop culture lexicon?


Yes, as Gut Check has exhaustively chronicled, there is now an adult film based on the exploits of a fictional food truck, and filmed on an actual food truck, The Flying Pink Pig. The fine folks at Metro Media Entertainment were thoughtful enough to send along a review copy of this seminal event in food-trend exploitation, and after multiple viewings -- solely for research purposes! -- we have only one question.

What the hell food does the Flying Pink Pig serve?

The plot is shockingly simple: Ron Jeremy wants to own the Flying Pink Pig. He hires Nicki to infiltrate the food truck and somehow wrest control of it away from owner Sunny. Why does the portly Ron -- who, thank God, doesn't get nekkid in the film -- want the Flying Pink Pig? Because the truck is wildly successful thanks to its secret ingredient.

No, the secret ingredient isn't what you think it is. It's worse, somehow. The secret ingredient is an "afro-disiac" given to Sunny (in a blessedly brief flashback) by a sweaty and afro-wigged man straight out of blaxploitation central casting.

To demonstrate the power of this special ingredient -- and to launch the mystery of what the hell food the Flying Pink Pig serves -- Sunny feeds her fellow workers "gourmet food" (tortilla chips? I couldn't tell) laced with the ingredient. The women start making out with each other, and the Flying Pink Pig uniform is revealed to be unable to restrain an ample pair of breasts.

I should mention that the signage on the exterior of the truck clearly indicates that the Flying Pink Pig serves tacos, yet in spite of this -- and in spite of the obvious potential this presents for taco-related humor -- not a single taco is eaten in this film. Except, um, you know. On the other hand, I give the production designer props for the bottle of sriracha, a.k.a. cock sauce, that is clearly visible in numerous scenes.

The truck's first delivery sends employee Megan to a rock star who's lost "his mojo," which we are led to believe means his ability to achieve and maintain an erect penis. Megan implies that the food she's brought will help him regain that mojo, and from his lunch order she takes out...a baby carrot? The Flying Pink Pig serves health food? They nibble on opposite ends of this carrot Lady & the Tramp-style.

And then they fuck.

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