Horseshoe House Now Open in East Loop

In January, Gut Check noticed that something called the Horseshoe House was planning to open at 6100 Delmar Boulevard, the former home of Modai Sushi Lounge. Well, last week the Horseshoe House -- or, as it also calls itself, H Squared Horseshoe & Hookah House -- opened.

Being a Midwest transplant, and having never visited Springfield, Illinois, I had no idea until now that a horseshoe is a kind of sandwich. Specifically, the horseshoe is an open-faced sandwich, with meat served on Texas toast and topped with French fries and cheese sauce.

The Horseshoe House serves several variations of horseshoes: hamburger, turkey burger, fried chicken and veggie burger, among others. The restaurant also offers loose-meat sandwiches in the tradition of Maid-Rite. The menu also includes nachos, wings, hot dogs and dessert. All the menu items I saw are under $10.

The Horseshoe House is open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sun.-Tue. and 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Wed.-Sat. Call 314-862-6700 for more info.

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Horseshoe House

6100 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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OH...MY...GAWD!! YAY!!!!!!!!! It's about time someone opened a place dedicated to horseshoes.


As living in Springfield,IL. for many years and moving to St.Louis much to my surprise nobody has heard of a Horseshoe.Anxious to come and see how close you have gotten to one of central Illinois greatest treasures.Ironically there is also a Maid Rite sandwich shop in Springfield as well.Nothing compares to Darcy's Pint Buffalo chichken horseshoe.Will be coming soon to put you to the test.

Dan D.
Dan D.

If they don't have buffalo chicken horseshoes, I ain't going.


Indeed, Dan, they do have buffalo chicken horseshoes. (Is this the epitome of the form or just a personal preference?)

Dan D.
Dan D.

The epitome of my personal preference, how about that? With the heaviness of the cheese sauce and the fries, I think the heat and vinegar provides balance.

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