KFC Offers Deal to Christian-Sabbath-Ignoring Chick-Fil-A Fans

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So I'm at lunch today, enjoying a sandwich and a few minutes of March Madness, when this commercial for KFC airs:

At first, I'm thinking, "Yeah! Right on! Sundays are awesome! At least until you realize that you have to be at the office in twelve hours, and you never got around to doing laundry, and your boss insists on such niceties as pants."

But then I'm all like, "Wait! Why the heck is KFC pushing this special ten pieces for $10 deal on Sundays? It couldn't possibly be because competitor Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays."

Thankfully, the commercial is only 30 seconds long, so I could quickly return my attention to my sandwich and the games, but as I drove back to Gut Check International Headquarters, I couldn't help but ponder it some more.

Is it smart business to appeal -- intentionally or (wink, wink) coincidentally -- to Chick-fil-A fans who want a fast-food-chicken fix on the day when the restaurant honors the beliefs (quoted below from his official website) of founder Truett Cathy, complete with the cheeky T.G.I.S. (Thank God It's Sunday) reference?
Cathy believes that being closed on Sunday says two important things to people: One, that there must be something special about the way Chick-fil-A people view their spiritual life and, two, that there must be something special about how Chick-fil-A feels about its people.
Hell, yeah, it's smart business. In fact, I submit that KFC isn't taking this campaign far enough. Every Sunday there should be dudes dressed up as Colonel Sanders standing outside all of the closed Chick-fil-A locations with signs directing you to the nearest KFC location. Every Sunday there should be street teams of buxom blonds handing out free fried chicken outside churches.

Why stop at the closed-on-Sunday thing? The recent controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy, who canceled appearance before the Clayton Chamber of Commerce after protests by the advocacy group PROMO, suggests another market KFC could tap.

I, for one, eagerly await the commercial trumpeting KFC's new LGTBucket.

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irony free
irony free

Porter's is better than any of them.

Brother in Christ
Brother in Christ

Ummm Christian sabbath? Ahhh that's the catholic creation or changer from it prior to it being called a Jewish thing which is also false the true sabbath is still the same as it was at creation the seventh day... Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever it was the creation of the catholic church that changed the bible sabbath to the first day of the venerable day of the sun and all other churchs ofnthe world wonder after the beast ...


Ron, your an idiot. the average Chick-fil-A does over double the sales of a KFC (and they are closed 52 days a year more). No threat- your right kfc is no threat to chick-fil-a. get your facts straight.


I seriously doubt that Chick-FilA is really a threat to KFC, broseph.

your mom's mom
your mom's mom

Umm, you realize people ate fried chicken on sundays before chick-fil-a, right? In fact in the south, Sundays and fried chicken are synonymous. This is aimed at the church-going crowd, not at the chick-fil-a crowd.

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