Lady Gaga Sues Breast-Milk Ice Cream Makers

Categories: WTF?
How dare you besmirch Lady Gaga's name with this disgusting act!
And now the latest chapter in As the Breast Milk Churns...

To recap: A London ice cream parlor called the Icecreamist introduced an ice cream made from human breast milk. The parlor called it "Baby Gaga" and had a Lady Gaga impersonator serve it.

Now, inevitably, intermittently interesting pop megastar Lady Gaga has sued the Icecreamist on grounds of "trademark infringement." Reports the New York Post:
Gaga has demanded that the ice cream parlor immediately change the name or stop selling it altogether, and her lawyers called the ice cream "deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing."
As deliberately provocative and nausea-inducing as a dress made of meat?

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