Top 3 Pet Peeves of a Movie House Concessionaire

Photo by Nick Phillips
Don't make it rain on me. This is soda, not Sauget.
In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves anonymously -- but honestly.

Gut Check Code Name: The Milk Dud

Position: Concessionaire, St. Louis movie theater

Pet Peeve #1

Milk Dud: "I hate -- hate -- when people throw money at you. That happens more than you think. Especially when they do it bill by bill."

Other customer: "Stripper style?"

Milk Dud: "Yeah! It's a soda. I'm not gonna take my clothes off."

Pet Peeve #2

Milk Dud: "If you're gonna sneak it in, sneak it out. I don't feel like cleaning up your White Castle boxes. Or Boone's Farm bottles."

Pet Peeve #3

Milk Dud: "Don't get mad if I don't know you're a student or a senior. Our student cutoff is 25, and our senior cutoff age is 55. But how am I supposed to know? I can't read minds."

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