Top 3 Pet Peeves of an Indie Barista

Photo by Nick Phillips
Condescend to me and so help me god I will hit you with this...thing.
In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves anonymously -- but honestly.

Gut Check Code Name: Lil' Spitfire

Position: Barista, independent coffee shop

Pet Peeve #1

LS: Being talked down to. You can hear it in their voice, how they ask for things, like condiments or refills. It's irritating. But I get over it. They probably talk to everyone like that.

Pet Peeve #2

LS: We quit serving breakfast at [a certain hour]. It's the people who go, "Awwwwww, can't you just make me something?" No! [slaps counter]. Wake up earlier!

Pet Peeve #3

LS: People who act like there's no line.

Gut Check: You mean they butt in front of other people in line?

LS: No, they come over here to the side of the counter and pretend like there's no line and quietly try to place their order.

Gut Check: How do you deal with that?

LS: Some of [my colleagues], they say, "In a minute." But I'm kind of allowing of it.

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Bandi Rolton
Bandi Rolton

I worked as a Barista for five years. I eventually just started treating bad customers like children, I mean if there going to behave as if they were children. It was very successful ! One man (who was a repeat offender of all three peeves listed above) even said to me. " There has been a real changed in you, you know that? "

Douche McGee
Douche McGee

Dealing with the public mainly sucks, but #3 - if she's complaining about it and then allowing it, that's her fault.

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