Yelp Decides Which St. Louis Venues Have a "Hipster" Ambience

Yep. This dude definitely has lots of ambience.
Hipsters, when they aren't busy attacking you for not knowing who the Arcade Fire is, like to eat and drink. Where can you find them doing these things in the wild?

Yelp has the answer.Yes, the popular consumer review website has added "hipster" as an ambience by which the restaurant can be categorized.

Some cursory Googling and playing around Yelp reveals at least four area restaurants decreed to have a "hipster" ambience: the Silver Ballroom, the Royale, the Atomic Cowboy and Mangia Italiano.

Readers -- especially those of you who fancy yourselves hipsters -- where else has a "hipster" ambience?

Or is totally unhip to declare which places are hip?

Location Info

Mangia Italiano

3145 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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