Burger King Introduces New "Meat Monster"...in Japan?

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Have it your way, especially if your way is on the way to the cardiac-care unit.
Maybe I need to rethink all the snarky comments I make about us Americans gorging ourselves on ever more over-the-top fast-food creations. That picture above is an ad for Burger King's new "Meat Monster" Whopper. According to the website Burger Business, this is a customizable burger in which diners can, if they like, add to the basic Whopper any or all of the following: two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, another burger patty and a grilled chicken patty.

The kicker? This isn't available in the U.S., but in Japan. It's part of the marketing campaign as the perpetual fast-food bridesmaid at long last rolls out its "Have It Your Way" slogan in the country.

Of course, should news of the "Meat Monster" spread quickly, I suspect we'll be seeing it here sooner rather than later.

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