Fond Restaurant in Edwardsville Closing

Robin Wheeler
Fond owner and chef Amy Zupanci
Owner and chef Amy Zupanci confirms to Gut Check a reader's tip that she is closing her Edwardsville, Illinois, restaurant Fond.

She declined to comment further on the circumstances of the closure and the future of the restaurant's space, located on North Main Street in Edwardsville's downtown area, except to say that while the restaurant will close, she is retaining the name Fond for catering and other services.

More as I learn it.

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Tommy Gage
Tommy Gage

It's a tough time for restaurants now with the way our economy is, it's hard to keep a business open with costs going up and people out of work trying to get by themselves, not eating out as much. Thanks to all who try to support us little guys out there, it is appreciated. Slainte!

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