Top 3 Pet Peeves of a U. City Sandwich Maker

Photo by Nicholas Phillips
I sure could get you a to-go bag, but they're RIGHT in front of you!
In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves anonymously -- but honestly.

Gut Check Code Name:  Hot Buns

Position: Deli sandwich maker

Pet Peeve #1

Hot Buns: "I hate it when people ask me, 'Can I get that to go?' Because the bags are right in front of them. Now, if their hands are full, I understand. I'll do it for them. But a lot of times I have gloves on and my hands are messy, so I'll either have to get the bag messy or have to take the gloves off, and it's so easy for them to just do it. And the bags are right there. People don't see with their eyes."

Pet Peeve #2

"We take people's names with their orders, so it's the people who have an easy name and will say, 'Nick, N-I-C-K.' I'm like, 'Come on! I can spell.'"

Pet Peeve #3

"Some local kids come in here and try to act like we do free sodas. They just grab a cup and say, 'Aw hey, I thought you guys did free sodas.' No. We do not do 'free sodas.'"

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About the bags - keep a towel handy and wipe your gloves off before handling the bags.

Be glad you have customers.

To Patch - stop writing silly articles like this because I think it hurts business and that should definitely not be your goal.


Maybe this person would like it better if customers stopped coming in. 

These pet peeves do not sound like they came from someone with good business sense.

Maybe he/she should put up a sign that says, "Help yourself to a bag for take-out" or something like that.  That would help somewhat.

And who knows what someone else considers an easy name?  Gee, what a goofy thing to find irritating.  "Nick" could easily be "Mick".

As for free soda, just remove the cups from the soda area and make people have to ask you for them.  Of course, you will have the same problem with this as you do with the bags, but that's all I can think of to suggest  right now.


Has to be Jimmy John's. Only place I can recall 'to-go' bags done by the paying customer.


i agree, this is painful


This is weak. 1.Most places EXPECT you to tell them if it is here or to go. 2. No one questions your spelling. People with common sounding names are used to people mishearing them. Nick gets written down as Rick, Mick etc. The guy is trying to help avoid confusion. Don't be so sensitive. 3. Kids trying scam or swipe something. There's a shocker!

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