Wes Johnson's Salt Restaurant Now Open

Jennifer Silverberg
Wes Johnson, formerly of the Shaved Duck and Eclipse, now of Salt
Fans of contemporary American cuisine and the macabre-minded alike have reason for interest this weekend: Wes Johnson has opened his new restaurant Salt at 4356 Lindell Boulevard. St. Louis restaurant wonks know this as the former location of the restaurant Savor (and, after that, a short-lived special-events venue belonging to Overlook Farms).

The macabre-minded know that some time before that it was a mortuary.

Wes Johnson is familiar to observers of the local food scene from his time at such restaurants as the Shaved Duck and Eclipse. Salt has a rudimentary website at the moment, though you can make reservations there or by calling 314-932-5787. Look for much more about Salt as part of our new "First Look" series very soon.

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4356 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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