Adobe Reds Now Open in Midtown

Ian Froeb
Adobe Reds opened this week at 3108 Olive Street in Midtown (the space previously occupied by The U and in the same building as Buffalo Brewing Co. and Pappy's Smokehouse).

The restaurant dubs itself a "Southwestern Bar & Grill." Owner Tom Quinlan describes the cuisine as "More New Mexican than Mexican or Tex-Mex."

Quinlan, who lived in Phoenix, Arizona, for two and a half years, points to the stacked enchiladas as Adobe Reds' signature dish: your choice of chicken, smoked pork or shredded beef and corn tortillas stacked and covered with red and/or green chile sauce and, if you like, a fried egg.

(You can view more of the menu on both Adobe Reds' website and its Facebook page.)

Adobe Reds is open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday. Call 314-678-7999 for more info.

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Adobe Reds - CLOSED

3108 Olive St., St. Louis, MO

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Went for dinner on 9/16/11.  My expectations weren't high, but the minute I tasted the marguarita and the corn chowder, I was elated.  I am usually diappointed in marguaritas in St. Louis, this was the real thing.  This is authentic Southwestern fare.  It reminded me of last summer's trip to Albuquerque and Sante Fe.  We had the combination plate and the soft tacos.  There are some dishes that don't have much heat and some that do, so everyone can enjoy.  I will definately be back.  Although I don't believe that St. Louis palates are used to such real Southwestern food, I sure hope this restaurant does well. 


I agree with downtown diner!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bland food, worst margaritas I have ever had. Don't waste money!!!!!!!!!!


I had lunch at Adobe Reds this past Monday with a business associate.   We were seated qucikly, chips, salsa, water came immediately thereafter.  I had the Chicken Quesadilla which was very good.  My associate had the stacked enchiladas with green salsa which he loved.  I think the place will do well but will take some time to develop its following as this type of food is not BBQ or burgers.   


Visited for lunch on Friday, May 20.This place will not do well, even with the over flowing Pappy’s crowd that decides to settle instead of wait.

Host / floor manager was covered in sweat, head to toe, after seating us, I watched him wiping plates for presentation at the counter while sweat was dripping off him.  Not appetizing.

Service was quirky, but good. Few mistakes on the menu, but the waitress was aware of them and able to help us.Kept the drinks refilled.

Food that should have ‘BOLD’ flavors was bland. The rice contained many uncooked solid crunchy pieces. The bread served with the pulled pork adobo did not stand a chance and was soggy when served. The pulled pork sandwich contained more fat than meat. I discarded the soggy bun and ate the pork with the table’s tortilla chips. My co-diners did the same. Abandoning soggy tortillas served with the tacos and adovora for the stability of the chips.

Salsa was runny, high on cilantro, low on heat, had an odd semi sweet after taste.

Craft beers on tap currently equates to Boulevard Tank 7, Lagunitas IPA, and Schlafly Pale Ale and Summer Lager.

Better than an empty store front, but unlikely to draw the crowds from cha cha chow or chavas.

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