Altai Mongolian Grill Opens Tonight

Altai Mongolian Grill opens this evening at 9528 Manchester Road in Rock Hill (the address formerly occupied by the short-lived wine bar Bella Vita). Now, St. Louis is already home to the Mongolian-grill concept, but Altai is unique: This is the first location not only in this town, but in all of the United States or anywhere outside of Asia. There are three Altai locations in Mongolia and an additional location each in Russia and China. (Check out the Altai website to see what those locations look like.)

Owner Munkhsukh Dorjpurev tells Gut Check that she chose to open the restaurant here partly because she was familiar with the area after earning a master's degree at Lindenwood University and partly because, as she puts it, "I like St. Louis."

So does Altai's true Mongolian heritage set it apart from other Mongolian grills?

"We have real Mongolian sauces," Dorjpurev says, noting that it did take some time to get the flavors right using locally available ingredients. "We have extra dishes that other Mongolian grills don't, [which] are real traditional Mongolian dishes."

Altai Mongolian Grill will be open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m.-10 p.m. on the weekend.

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Lucinda Cobb
Lucinda Cobb

By the end of it's first month, I'm happy to report that Altai was running like a well oiled machine when my daughter and I ate there last night. No complaints only lots of compliments and the knowledge that we'll be back soon!


Nice to her that one more Mongolian is succeeding outside of Mongolia, i mean globally. Good luck

D.Sainbayar / Sonny
D.Sainbayar / Sonny

Congrats! Look forward to dining at another Altai restaurant in the US.

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