Bridesmaids and Wedding Cake From 10th Street Baking Co.

Robin Wheeler
Wedding cake window dressing at 10th Street Baking Co.

A feminist romp. Women breaking the comedy glass ceiling. A movie that finally exposes the ridiculousness of the wedding industrial complex.

Call Bridesmaids what you want. It's really a food movie. Protagonist Annie (co-producer and co-writer Kristen Wiig) is a failed pastry chef working in a jewelry shop after her cupcake bakery went belly-up during the recession. When her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) asks Annie to be the maid of honor in her big, fancy wedding, Annie can't handle the financial and emotional burden that comes with the responsibility. Dealing with a pack of Lillian's new friends doesn't help, either.

There's a big lesson on restaurant food safety prior to the bridesmaids' dress-shopping scene. Those letter grades on the door are no joke. Disregard and you, too, could wind up in formal wear, ass in a sink, screaming, "It's coming out like hot lava!" like bridesmaid Megan (Melissa McCarthy).

Through the film, Annie turns to baking to cope with her angst, creating one perfect cupcake adorned with a hand-sculpted fondant orchid for herself, and a carrot-shaped apology cake for love interest Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd).

Bridesmaids focuses on the over-the-top emotions that accompany modern weddings. The silly competition between bridesmaids, budget-busting bridal gear and most importantly, the futility of taking all-too-human people intent on creating one impossibly perfect day.

And yes, it happens to be focused on female characters who are funny, complex and who get what they want in the boudoir, even when what they want is a giant sandwich with labial flaps.

What the movie lacks are the cliché trappings of the wedding movie. There isn't a montage of dress-shopping set to a KT Tunstall tune, a wedding toast with a shocking twist or a body-loathing wedding cake binge eating scene.


But cake is important. 10th Street Baking Company in Belleville caters to this demand with five wedding cake flavors, nineteen filling options and rich buttercream icing with a hint of coconut.

Before committing to a cake, the bakery offers a tasting box - a two-layer slice of each cake flavor with a different filling between each layer, presented in a ribbon-bedecked white box.

Robin Wheeler
Here comes the bridal wedding cake sampler.

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