Coke, Pepsi Introduce Futuristic New Soda Fountains and Vending Machines

Perhaps realizing that the "battle" between the world's two most iconic soft drinks (sorry, Dr Pepper) is simply a matter of whether you prefer the achingly sweet flavor of one or the other, both Coke and Pepsi are looking past the beverage to the beverage-delivery system as a new way to differentiate themselves.

First, from Coke, we have the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, pictured above. This machine was introduced to the St. Louis market just last week at the Ferguson location of Wingstop (10841 West Florissant Avenue; 314-522-9696). The Freestyle soda fountain lets customers choose from more than 100 different soft-drink options.

Based on posts on the Freestyle's Facebook page, many of these options include adding fruit flavors like raspberry and peach to established drinks like Coke and Sprite.

Frankly, Gut Check can't wait to test this machine out -- especially to see which brands never before available in the United States it carries, as promised -- and I'll be filing a report soon.

Pepsi's new machine is still in development. However, after the jump, we have a video of what will make this device different.

Pepsi calls its creation a "Social Vending Machine." Using the machine's touch screen, you can purchase a soda (drumroll, please) for someone else. The machine then sends the recipient a text message -- and, if you want, a video message from you! -- alerting them of the gift, which they can then redeem at one of the machines.

Frankly, the Coke machine is far cooler -- and more practical -- than the Pepsi contraption. Now, a machine that would let you buy an alcoholic drink for someone else...that would be pretty damn awesome.

(h/t for the Pepsi story: Eater)

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10841 W. Florissant Ave., Ferguson, MO

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jack keeley
jack keeley

the freestyle has many flavored water choices as well as sparkling water and of course plain water.

quick joomla
quick joomla

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Vending World
Vending World

Coke’s sleek new interactive Freestyle machine allows usersto customize their drinks by mixing and matching different Coca-Cola brands andflavors.

Soda Vending Machines


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The Coke machines are awesome...used one a few times at a Del Taco in Lake Forest, CA. Glad to see there's one out here now; I hope they catch on. Now, off to find this restaurant so I can mix me up a peach Sprite! :)

Andy DeSoto
Andy DeSoto

The Freestyles are awesome! There's only one downside -- there tends to be an enormous line at the soda fountain since people have a much harder time deciding (let alone grokking the technology). Also, only one person can use it at a time. I experienced one of these machines a week or so again at "BGR: The Burger Joint" in Springfield, VA.

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