Send Out the Clowns? 10 Potential Replacements for Ronald McDonald

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This week, a letter signed by some 550 health professionals appeared in several major newspapers, urging McDonald's to drop Ronald McDonald as its mascot.

McDonald's response? Hell, no.

Still, like any successful Fortune 500 company, McDonald's has a contingency plan should circumstances force the iconic clown into retirement.

From an anonymous McDonald's source -- let's just say he's no stranger to burgling -- Gut Check has learned the fast-food giant's ten most desired replacements for Ronald McDonald.

10. Newt Gingrich: To say that the former Speaker of the House's presidential campaign has stumbled out of the gate would be an insult to stumblers everywhere. Newt would be well served to withdraw from the race as soon as possible and start cashing endorsement checks that the President of the United States cannot.

Besides, the marriage of Newt and McDonald's would be so perfect that he might not even wait to divorce his current wife to consummate it. What better represents Newt's beloved concept of American Exceptionalism than a company that has risen from a humble California burger shack to global titan?

9. A Member of the Donner Party: "Our food might be frozen meat of questionable origin, but in a pinch, it always gets the job done."

8. C. Everett Koop: Confident, sexy, bearded and primed for a nostalgia-fueled comeback. Also, he will accept McFlurry shakes in lieu of cash payment.

7. The Burger King King: Perpetual fast-food bridesmaid Burger King recently ditched the ad agency that came up with the leering, prank-pulling, giant-headed Burger King King. Not only would McDonald's tweak its rival by hiring him, it wouldn't have to pay writers to provide lines for the seemingly mute monarch. Fade in on the King standing in a Burger King parking lot, one hand holding a Happy Meal, the other grabbing his junk. Fade out.

6. Pippa Middleton: She wouldn't have to say anything, either. McDonald's could steal a page from the Hardee's playbook and have her fellate a Big Mac. Or it could just balance a burger on her naked rear. "You know you want to be between these buns."

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multivitamin reviews
multivitamin reviews

Instead of attacking McDonalds for selling a product, put more effort into education. French fries are okay....just not everyday. We've become lazy and that’s our fault, not Ronald’s. 

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Jessica Chamberlin
Jessica Chamberlin

Rotten Ronnie has been pushing happy meals for decades, but not until recently we have seen an increase in childhood obesity.  Although it is easier for parents to point the finger at a clown, saving our kids' health will only come when we realize WE are the biggest influence.  Be a healthy role model for your kids, then maybe they won't be so easily persuaded by a clown.  http://blog.mydiscoverhealth.c...


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