Pickles Deli Opens Downtown

Ian Froeb
The new Pickles Deli at Olive and 7th
Gut Check reported in February that Pickles Deli was planning to open a second location, after the original in the Central West End, at 701 Olive Street downtown, in the location last occupied by Teutenberg's. The downtown location is now open. Word must be traveling quickly: It was before 11:30 this morning when I snapped the photo above, and the place was already doing a brisk business.

As co-owner Sean Olson told us then, the downtown menu has the same sandwiches as the Central West End Pickles, but it also offers breakfast sandwiches, reflecting its earlier opening time. The new location is open 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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Pickles Deli - Downtown

701 Olive St., St. Louis, MO

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downtown resident
downtown resident

Another restaurant that gives a big middle finger to downtown residents.  I, too, like the Guest post above, will not be able to eat here because of the restrictive hours.  Where's the delis downtown for residents?  We've got Washington Avenue Post, but their deli is self-serve after 3:30 and the quality is abysmal (not the Post's fault, the deli is an independent business). 

PetCareRx Reviews
PetCareRx Reviews

Nice post !! Congrats again to Pickles Deli on their new downtown location!  


As a downtown resident who, unfortunately, works in the county, I am so pissed by the hours of restaurants in STL.  Thanks, Pickles, I will never be able to eat at your establishment. I love your CWE location...at least they are open on the weekend....


So they should stay open on off-peak hours to cater to zero foot traffic outside Cards games, the less than 5,000 that live there, etc?

I was there for lunch and they had quite a few technical glitches on the cash registers. Had to wait 30 min for a takeout order. Luckily I wasn't in a rush b/c quite a few others were pretty peeved. A good addition downtown though.

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