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Robin Wheeler
Poptions! Toasted Rav Popcorn

The oft-maligned toasted ravioli - such a signature of St. Louis cuisine, but so often served from the freezer and lacking in flavor and texture. Who in the world would make something with that manufactured, frozen flavor?

Poptions!, a locally-owned gourmet popcorn shop tucked into The Village at Schneithorst's in Frontenac, has done it with the flavors that should be present in toasted ravioli: sharp Italian cheeses laced with basil, finished with the bright tomato burst of marinara.

Does it taste just like toasted ravioli? No, but it's an excellent hit of Hill-inspired flavors in tasty snack form. Poptions! isn't just tossing seasonings on run-of-the-mill popcorn. Huge kernels, full of the fluffy pieces everyone tries to snatch first, are fresh, and there's no skimping on the seasoning. No kernel goes undusted, so the flavor's consistent and thorough.

While Poptions! sells big tins of popcorn, opt for a single-serving bag of Toasted Rav Pop. Buy it early in the day, when it's at its freshest. Gobble immediately. The popcorn holds well, but when it's brand new, it's so good it'll make you forget about grease-saturated pasta.

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1580 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Frontenac, MO

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Avoid at all costs. The owner has no customer service skills and is always a sourpus. He also uses bait-and-switch tactics when taking Groupons- he raises prices which virtually negate the whole point of using Groupon. A shame, since I could have thrown him a lot of business as I do corporate buying. Popcorn is not worth this much hassle.

Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan

interesting. Thanks for this! I love toasted raviolis. I'll have to give these a try. Speaking of toasted ravioli, have you ever tried the TR's at Villa Farotto? They are pretty awesome. When you run out of that nifty popcorn make sure you check them out!


I so agree with FormerParton.  The owner has NO customer service skills and he is rude.  He makes you feel bad for using a groupon that he has set up himself to get people to come.  But even worse, even without the groupon he is rude.  It say's free samples, and if you try more than two he walked away from us to ignore us, so we left.  I have a tin to refill and won't ever go back.  I enjoyed it but not worth being treated poorly.  The popcorn place in St. Charles on Main Street has great flavors and is not rude ever to me...

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