St. Louis Wing Co. Still Taking, Um, Wing

Ian Froeb
St. Louis Wing Co. (9816 Manchester Road, Rock Hill; 314-962-9464) opened two months ago with a menu featuring chicken wings in sauces both traditional and not (coconut curry, kalamata olive-feta and walnut-herb pesto among them). While I applaud the variation in flavors -- I liked a similar approach at O! Wing Plus in a recent review -- on a recent visit a basic flaw overwhelmed the kitchen's creativity.

The wings weren't cooked properly.

Pictured above are wings in two of the restaurant's flavors, five wings per flavor, part of a $9.99 combo meal including fries and a drink: coconut curry (right) and "spicy fresh jalapeño" (left).

The exterior of both sets of wings (presumably fried at the same time and then tossed in their respective sauces) lacked crispness. Indeed, the batter was on the soggy side, rendering the wings unpleasant to eat.

The sauces were just OK. Neither had much punch. The curry in coconut curry was muted -- more like an aftertaste than a flavor. The diced jalapeño, though a vivid green, had little heat, and the flavor was swamped by a buttery sweet sauce.

When I reported St. Louis Wing Co.'s opening, I mentioned that it was part of a cool trend of small places focusing on one thing. The flipside to that trend, of course, is that when you botch that one thing, it really stands out.

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St. Louis Wing Co.

9816 Manchester Road, Rock Hill, MO

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Just left with a very full stomach, great wings, fries and fried macaroni,  everyone should give them a shot.


Very interesting.. Would have been insulted had any of that information been accurate. Or coming from somebody that actually knows what they are talking about when it comes to food or anything culinary. Haha the wings at St. Louis wing company are not nor have they ever been "battered".. And the Fresh Jalapeno sauce has not one ingredient that resembles anything at all sweet. We get nothing but rave reviews from our customers, who continue to return. We invite anybody to come see for themselves! Mention this post and receive %50 off!


Was this borne out by a repeat visit?  I have to say I had a great experience there, but it was also on a single trip.


"How do people come up with the money to open places like this and then just mess it up? You pitch the idea to your family and friends, you go out shopping for the best deal on some fryers, you sweat over the design of your sign, you redo the menu layout seven times, you make 17 trips to City Hall for permits and finally you have your grand opening! AND YOU CAN’T COOK A WING????"   Fred Smith, Saint Louis Food Advocate

Fendi Hotdogbun
Fendi Hotdogbun

The crispness of the wings is integral.  I will not stand for this.

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