Dairy Queen Builds World's Biggest Ice Cream Cake

Dairy Queen Canada
Celebrating 10 tons of Dairy Queen ice cream cake with .... ice cream cake!

Oh, Canada! You've created the world's largest ice cream cake!

In honor of the Dairy Queen ice cream cake's thirtieth birthday, volunteers in Toronto built a 10.13-ton ice cream cake. It beats the previous world record holder, built in Beijing in 2006, by 500 pounds.

Forget about America being the land of all things giant. We haven't held the record since Carvel built a 12,096 pound ice cream cake in 2004.

Just how big is the Canadian Dairy Queen ice cream cake?

An average school bus weighs about 10 tons. You'd have to add a few kids to get that last .13 of a ton.

School buses are a lot crunchier than ice cream cake, even with those thin layers of crushed Oreos sandwiched between soft serve.

(h/t to the New York Daily News.)

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