Trying to Favor Curry at Zen Thai & Japanese Cuisine

Ian Froeb
Red curry at Zen Thai & Japanese Cuisine
The Place: Zen Thai & Japanese Cuisine (9250 Watson Road, Crestwood; 314-842-0307), a bustling little restaurant in a homely strip mall.

The Deal: Red curry with beef, with a complimentary starter of miso soup and two egg rolls, for $7.49

The Verdict: This wasn't the best curry I've ever had. It lacked enough seasoning, with the flavor of coconut milk much stronger than that of the curry paste. It also wasn't very hot. I mean that in both senses of the term: It wasn't spicy, and it was slightly below the ideal serving temperature.

Both problems I ascribe to an overwhelmed lunch service. My server -- the only server I saw -- was rushing from to table to table. She didn't ask how spicy I wanted my curry, and I wasn't able to flag her down to tell her.

Still, the beef in the curry was very tender, and Thai basil added a welcome punch. I'll certainly give Zen another try. The serving size was appropriate for the price, especially given the small cup of good miso soup and two miniature egg rolls that were included.

My visit to Zen did yield one surprise. Look for it in a "Try This Now" post tomorrow.

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Zen Thai & Japanese Cuisine

9250 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Kiwi Carlisle
Kiwi Carlisle

The green curry's MUCH better at Zen, but to my mind, you missed a bet not having the Stir-Fried Ginger or the Spicy Basil. As for appetizers, man, you should have had the Crying Tiger. If you can talk the kitchen into cranking the heat all the way up, it's really hot enough to reset your brain! 

Jenis Miranda
Jenis Miranda

 i love zen! my friends and i go there all the time. prices arent bad, and the food is good. you mustve come on a fluke bad day :/


I'm a big fan of Zen. So much better than the other alternatives in my area (63119).


Zen has always been a family favorite; we typically go in the early evenings when they tend to be less busy and we have always received warm, friendly service and great food. And when you do get to choose your spice level, watch out ... things can get pretty spicy, pretty quick!

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