The Fatted Calf to Close June 30

Ian Froeb
The Fatted Calf will close on June 30 (without help).
The Fatted Calf (12 South Bemiston Avenue, Clayton; 314-726-1141) will close at the end of June, Kathleen Portman, who owns the restaurant with her husband, Jason, confirms. Sauce Magazine broke the news this morning.

Vince and Tony Bommarito opened the Fatted Calf in 1966. The Portmans have owned it since July 2008.

"We love it," Portman says of the burger-centric restaurant. "We're mortified that this has to happen on our watch."

Portman tells Gut Check that the restaurant has been serving about 100 people a day recently. "We need to serve 200."

This doesn't necessarily mean the end of the Fatted Calf, adds Portman: "We're open to investors or selling it outright.

"I really believe if you hang in there, it's going to come back."

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Fatted Calf

12 S. Bemiston Ave., Clayton, MO

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Went there yesterday and couldn't get in.  Can't wait 45 minutes for lunch.  It's always been slow, but if they want to survive, they need to speed it up somehow!

former employee
former employee

Service and food have really changed since being sold in 2008. Their prices are high and the place needs a huge renovation.


Last time I was in St. Louis, they were closed because of a fire (that occurred right before my visit.)  I'm arriving on June 30th and hoping to get there that day because it's my only chance!  Very sad news!

PetCareRx Reviews
PetCareRx Reviews

We really hang in there, Thanks for taking the time to share! 


Maybe they need to add a drive-thru.  ;)  But seriously, competition is tough, and there are a lot of lunch places that cost less nearby.


Restaurant closings generally don't make me sad.  This one does.

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