Paula Deen Butter Joke Pinnacle Has Been Reached

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Because Paula Deen and butter parodies never get old...

Except the jokes are starting to repeat. After Funny or Die's new Paula Deen "Butter Intervention" clip and the recent Saturday Night Live commercial parody for Paula Deen's Paper Towels, we're having some comedy deja vu. Watch and compare.

Sure, two jokes about leaving butter stains on the sheets are funny. So's the image of Kristen Wiig eating Paula Deen's sausage-baby grandson and Paula's Funny or Die son urinating butter.

But that's got to be it on the butter jokes, right?

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I feel like I should speak for the writer of the Funny or Die sketch, while the FoD video was posted last week, the sketch itself was written before SNL's sketch aired. This sketch was in a September Maude night show at UCB Los Angeles.

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