New Life for Arcelia's?

Laura Ann Miller
Inside Arcelia's, now (temporarily?) closed
Arcelia's (2001 Park Avenue) closed at the beginning of this year, ending the Mexican restaurant's twenty-year run in Soulard and then Lafayette Square. About a week after its closure, the restaurant's website -- now vanished -- suggested that it might reopen under new ownership.

Now, a sign in the window suggests that this reopening will occur as soon as September. Arcelia's original phone number remains disconnected. More as I learn it.

Location Info

Arcelia's - CLOSED

1928 S. 12th St., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Does anyone know if this restaurant plans to reopen?  We received a gift certificate for $50 a year ago and the restaurant closed soon afterwards.  The gift certificate expired at the end of December so I hope the new owners will honor it.

Mr Mcspooty
Mr Mcspooty

Suggest that you might contact Loren Sheldon (, new owner who is currently working to re-open the restaurant.

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