Comment of the Day: Mangia Italiano Need to Put on Their Grown-Up Britches

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Today's comment of the day comes from a post discussing Mangia Italiano's plans to sue Mangia Mobile.

"Guest" writes:

Are there really that many stupid people walking around St. Louis thinking, "Gee, I was going to go to Mangia Italiano on Grand, but then I saw this Mangia Mobile truck, and I got confused, so I decided to not go to Mangia Italiano and instead eat at the truck, and now I can't remember how to get back to Mangia Italiano on Grand!"

Even if people think momentarily that Mangia Mobile is affiliated Mangia Italiano, the confusion only benefits Mangia Italiano because Mangia Mobile has great food, so if aforementioned stupid people still think the two are affiliated after eating Mangia Mobile, they will only think Mangia Italiano has good food too. But, Mangia Mobile clearly states on their truck they are not affiliated with any brick and morter business, so one visit and any confusion should be cleared up.

Sounds like Mangia Italiano needs to put on their grown-up britches and get over it. The only thing this lawsuit is going to do is make people, like myself, who used to visit both establishments, stop visiting Mangia Italiano, which I will, because no one likes a sore loser!

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Alissa Nelson
Alissa Nelson

Starting a business? Google that shit first, people. 


Plenty of people are confused by the truck.  I was, and so are several others I've spoken to about the situation. That confusion clearly bothers Mangia Italiano, which has spent years developing goodwill, brand recognition and pride in its name.  

Whether the confusion (and perhaps dilution) that results from the existence of the food truck bothers Mangia is not really up to you - its up to the people that have spent 20 years killing themselves to develop a brand. Maybe they don't want to be confused with the food truck, maybe they don't want their brand being connected with it.  Maybe they don't share your opinion on Mobile's food. 

Of course, there are larger legal issues - can you trademark a word such as "mangia", does the original restuarant actually enjoy trademark protection for its name, etc.....Mangia Italiano's position seems pretty tenuous, but they appear to be well-represented.  So who knows...

And of course, there are practical issues - people out there like Guest see this type of thing, and decide they hate the restaurant.   Hope Mangia Italiano thought about these things, because I love that place...and I would love for both establishments to stay in business and prosper.  



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