Del Taco Leaves St. Louis

The fate of the "flying saucer" Phillips 66/Del Taco building at 212 South Grand Boulevard remains undecided, following Wednesday's contentious aldermanic committee meeting on developer Rick Yackey's plans for the site.

The fate of Del Taco, the fast-food chain, is clear-cut: Both St. Louis-area Del Taco locations have closed. That includes both the South Grand location that has been the subject of much debate over the past two weeks and the location at 1033 McCausland Avenue.

When I drove by the McCausland location on my way to Gut Check International Headquarters this morning, its windows had already been boarded up, and its drive-thru menu had been taken down.

Del Taco fans who want to satisfy their craving face a road trip. As best as I can figure, the nearest location is in Mishawaka, Indiana, east of Chicago.

Albert Samaha checks in with scenes from the closing of the South Grand location.

Location Info

Del Taco-Richmond Heights - CLOSED

1033 McCausland Ave., Richmond Heights, MO

Category: Restaurant

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David Kroll
David Kroll

I'm a little bit upset about this. Del Taco was good... how can you deny the appeal of tacos and fries in the same restaurant?


That sucks, I used to pick up Del Taco before class at Wash U. the food wasnt that great but it was different than the other fast food options in the area...


Dumbass spammers, why the fuck would anyone buy from these shit sites you keep posting on here? Stupid fucksticks.


I have to agree with that, it was affordable, and being open 24 hours seals the deal, you can't beat that.

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