Eight Fast Food and Alcohol Matches Made in Heaven

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You want fries with that Burger King beer?

Taking lead from a handful of Whopper Bars -- Burger King restaurants that serve beer -- and a few Seattle Starbucks outlets that have started serving beer and wine in the evenings, Sonic's jumping on the fast food booze bandwagon. Two drive-ins in southern Florida plan to start selling wine and beer this summer.

Forget about buying booze if you're in a car. These Sonics will only serve alcohol to patrons seated on the patio or in the dining room.

With the growing number of fast food outlets resorting to alcohol sales to boost their bottom line, here are some bar menu suggestions for other fast food spots that might want to jump on the booze wagon.

Adult Chocolate Milk at Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin Donuts/Foodiggity
Crullers and a buzz.

America runs on Drunkin'! Or it will, if the donut chain would add Adult Chocolate Milk to the menu. Served as the base for its mochas or straight up, it'll get your day off to a lovely, if fuzzy, start.

Tequila Frutistas at Taco Bell

Taco Bell/delish.com
This worm runs for the border.

For the 1 percent of Taco Bell customers who don't arrive at the outlet having already over-consumed, add some tequila to an icy, fruity Frutista beverage. Eating the worm ensures that your Taco Bell order contains a meat product.

Strongbow at Long John Silver's

catknitter.blogsome.com/Wikimedia Commons
Just add soccer hooliganism.

Why doesn't Long John Silver's embrace British origins? Really, it's serving fast food fish and chips. Perhaps it's the lack of alcohol. Convenient plastic bottles of Strongbow Cider might cut through the grease and won't cause too much damage if they get bashed over a bloke's head.

Moonshine at Chick-fil-A

GrubGrade/Wikimedia Commons
Never on Sunday.

Chick-fil-A operates under a strict moral code from its corporate headquarters and God, so it would never, ever serve devil liquor. Except for the black sheep Chick-fil-As, which are running moonshine from their pickle factories. Just don't plan on imbibing on Sunday.

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