Minnesota Butcher Perfects Gummy Bear Brats, Eyes Kool-Aid

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Grab a bun! These gummy bears are ready to become bratwurst.
​A different kind of brats are getting stuffed full of gummy candies in Hugo, Minnesota.

Instead of being shoved down the gullets of sugar-crazed kids, butcher Spencer Grundhofer of Grundhofer's Old-Fashion Meats is adding the chewy candies to bratwurst.

Of course, it started as a joke by a friend who made people nag Grundhofer for gummy-filled tube steak. The butcher gave in, made a batch, and forced his friend to eat them.

Turns out, gummy bears in brats are pretty good. Grundhofer's Old-Fashion Meats is selling upwards of 75 pounds of them every week.

His next venture? Adding grape Kool-Aid to the meat. Hey, it's worked for fried food fair vendors.

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