Yesterday was National Tequila Day. Did You Paint it Green?

Feeling bleary today? Perhaps a bit vomitous? Verging on death? Wondering when and why you painted something green?

Then you must have celebrated National Tequila Day yesterday!

We thought that was celebrated on May 5, too. But apparently it's sort of a big deal. ABC News even did a feature on Great American Mariano Martinez, a first-generation Mexican-American, high school drop-out and inventor of the frozen margarita machine.

Hornitos Tequila, the same folks who brought us the Cheap Trick/mariachi mashup for Cinco de Mayo, took to Facebook last week with a puzzling National Tequila Day request:


Wait...we thought March 17 was the day to get drunk and paint things green.

The responses were a little sad.

Have these people never experienced a good tequila drunk?

Come on! The correct answer to Hornitos' fill-in-the-blank question was "boobies." "Genitals" would also have been accepted.

The participant who replied "Mila Kunis" came closest to winning, only because we're assuming she nicknames her vagina after the rom-com star du jour.

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