Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Mexican Papayas

Ninety-seven cases of salmonella in 23 states have been linked to Mexican papayas, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Missouri has reported three cases of the illness, and Illinois' reported seven.

The suspect papayas were sold whole before July 23 under the brand names Yaya, Blondie, Mañanita and Tastylicious and bore these stickers:

Four brands of fresh papaya have been recalled for salmonella contamination.

The papayas were distributed by Agromod Produce, Inc., of McAllen, Texas. In 2006, the U.S. briefly stopped Mexican fruit imports from Agromod because they were using an illegal chemical pesticide.

The salmonella was discovered during FDA tests at the Agromod facility in McAllen, and during inspections at the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexican papaya imports have been stopped until the source of the salmonella is found.

Recalled papayas can be returned at the point of purchase.

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