Midwest Exports Steak 'n Shake to New York City

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Screenshot: www.steaknshake.com
News broke this week that Normal, Illinois-founded Steak 'n Shake plans to open its first New York City location. The when is unknown, but the where is significant: right next-door to the Ed Sullivan Theater, where Late Show with David Letterman is filmed. Now, this suggests a grab at the tourist trade, and at a conservative estimate New Yorkers have one million other places that serve burgers, but Steak 'n Shake has something that none of those other places do, something very close to our hearts here at Gut Check International Headquarters.

No, it's not the paper hats.

Screenshot: www.steaknshake.com
What Steak 'n Shake has is the Frisco Melt: two steakburgers, American and Swiss cheeses and the signature "sweet 'n tangy Frisco sauce" on buttered and then grilled sourdough bread.

You might love this burger. (I do.) You might hate this burger. That's beside the point. Because the Frisco Melt, by virtue of some kind of alchemy of butter, beef, grease and "Frisco sauce" is the greatest hangover cure indigenous to the United States, an alcohol mop of the first class.

I think the sauce is the key. It's like the human-detoxing equivalent of those enzymatic cleaners you use to clean up cat piss.

New Yorkers: Never again will you fear that extra stop on the bar crawl, that extra round of shots. Just take two Frisco Melts and thank me in the morning.

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Yeah, I'll bet Letterman is a Steak fan. They currently have 25 locations in the Indianapolis area.

Mike N.
Mike N.

Hands up for loving the Frisco Melt.  The [fairly] new Wisconsin Buttery Burger rocks as well.   BTW, rumor has it that Letterman is a huge Steak-n-Shake fan and that the location chosen isn't a mere coincidence.


It was confirmed in Roger Ebert's Steak 'n Shake blog post that Letterman is a big SNS fan. Also notable: Steak 'n Shake was St. Louis-born-and-raised NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer's inspiration for Shake Shack, THE "it" diner burger in NYC right now. St. Louis actually has the highest concentration of SNSes in the country outside of their operational headquarters in Indianapolis.

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