Gut Check Gets Stewed

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The good folks at StewedSTL invited me to be the guest for the third edition of their St. Louis food, drink and restaurant podcast. Listen as we drink gin and chew the fat about a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, Del Taco, Venn diagrams, how I tricked Josh Galliano of Monarch, Mex-Mex vs. Tex-Mex, how to ruin a perfectly lovely evening with your wife, what to do as an anonymous restaurant critic when a chef knows what you look like and, of course, tacos.

Fair warning: There is adult language -- though, as best as I can recall, the only person I call an asshole is myself -- as well as my embarrassing attempt to imitate someone snorting cocaine before I remember that this is an audio, not video, production.

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My kingdom for later taqueria or Chinese food to be available here. I know that El Torito Supermarket used to have a late-night taco truck in front of La Onda at Kingshighway and 44 several years ago, but last I'd heard, they only have it on Cherokee on nights of Mexican music events at Casa Loma now, and I don't know if even that's happening anymore.

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