Minor League Ballpark Sells the World's Most Expensive Hot Dog

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This is what an $80 weiner looks like.
​Minor league baseball stadiums have some pretty good eats. We've sung the praises of the chow offered at Gateway Grizzlies games and marveled at the enormity of the offerings in Akron.

Next up: befuddlement over the world's most expensive hot dog, offered at Campanelli Stadium, home of the Brockton (Massachusetts) Rox. The McMullen Dog is a half-pound hot dog with porcini mushrooms, truffle oil, white truffle shavings, caviar and crème fraiche. Its price tag is $80.

Who's befuddled by this? The media, of course.

Boston's Fox affiliate can't get past the crème fraiche.

While Good Morning America bemoans a waste of a perfectly good hot dog.

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Nope. You haven't sang the praises. You've sung the praises. Sorry to be that guy, but come on, RFT.

Chrissy Wilmes
Chrissy Wilmes

@ "That Guy" - The original text was phrased a bit differently, and in editing it I missed swapping that vowel and changing "sing" into its participle. We obviously try to catch everything when proofreading, but sometimes we do make mistakes. It's been fixed. 

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