Brothers Bar & Grill Coming to Central West End

Wisconsin-based Brothers Bar & Grill wants to open a franchise in the old Pasta House Co. location in the Central West End.
There's a new restaurant/bar coming to the Central West End.

City records show that attorneys representing a new franchise of Brothers Bar & Grill have applied for a liquor license for the old Pasta House Co. location at 313 N. Euclid Avenue, just south of Maryland Avenue. They're asking for a full drink license, including Sunday sales.

Brothers was founded in 1990 in Wisconsin and currently has locations throughout the Midwest. There are no other franchises in Missouri at the moment, but there's a host of them to the north, west and east, including ones in Champaign, Illinois, Lawrence, Kansas and Iowa City.

After perusing the corporate website, it appears that the menu, while slightly different in each location, is pretty standard pub grub (burgers, salads, quesadilla/fajitas/enchiladas). There was one item listed, however, that made our heart race with joyous anticipation. In most locations, at least, Brothers sells cheese curds!!!

(For those of you who don't have family in Wisconsin, we can only offer our sincere pity: Cheese curds are basically The.Best.Snack.Food.EVER. Why they're not widely available beyond the Upper Midwest is a mystery to us.)

We found a few references online to the franchise's tendency to be, how shall we say, frat-tastic. (And with a name like "Brothers," really, what could you expect?) It ought to be interesting to see how the place does with the similarly oriented Bar Louie so close by -- and the presumably similar Lester's about to open, too.

We've got calls out to the corporate office; we'll update this post if we hear back any time soon.

Location Info

The Pasta House Co.-Central West End - CLOSED

313 N. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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