Can a Banjo Made From a Cheese Can Make Beautiful Music?

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Washington State University
Cougar Gold cheese cans are being recycled into cheesy music.
​For more than 60 years, Washington State University has been selling Cougar Gold Cheese in 30-ounce tin cans. Great idea, but what to do with the can when the cheese is gone?

Make banjos, of course.

John Elwood, who lives in a ghost town called Elberton, uses the cheese cans to make banjos, and it sounds pretty good.

A deep cookie tin makes a deeper tone.

While the canjo has a folky, bluegrass feel, the roasting pan guitar has more of a dirty blues vibe.

A tuna can walks the line between rock and twang.

A tiny round Altoids tin makes a wee little slide guitar for expressing minor heartbreaks. Like being out of tangerine Altoids.

Tired of waiting for the water company to pick up your empty jug? Make a bass and play some Sabbath. That'll scare the crap out of him when he finally shows up.

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