Comment of the Day: Don't Mess With Sal's Pizza

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Today's comment of the day comes from a post about Bridge & Tunnel pizza's plans to move from New York-style to St. Louis provel:

WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK!?!?!? Is this some sort of late April Fools Joke?! FUCK THIS. B&T was a fucking GEM, I'd love going there and getting a badass NY style slice at 2am. The pizza was always absolutely fucking delicious.

Fuck this fucking bullshit. If they don't offer good NON-PROVEL pizza BY THE SLICE at late night hours, I will personally make it my personal mission to make sure this place FAILS. I will smear them on every Internet review site. I'll spread lies about rat feces in the kitchen, I don't give a FUCK. I hope you're reading this Franco Bongiovani and Nick Smith. If I were you, I would just stick with the B&T formula and not get your nasty-ass fucking provel cheese involved. Failure to heed this warning will be met with SWIFT retribution.


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Fendi Hotdogbun
Fendi Hotdogbun

Sal's an old friend of mine and I really feel for him. Poor guy works at a mozzarella factory.

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