Comment of the Day: What Makes a Chain a Chain?

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Today's comment of the day comes from a post about Christy's Hamburgers.

Mike N. wrote:

Slightly off topic, but I noticed you call Christy's a chain. This is something I've been tossing around in my head lately: what constitutes a chain? There is so much anti-chain vitriol out there, it kind of seems like a scarlet letter to call a place a chain. There are two Ted Drewes, is that a chain? There are five or six locations of PI, is that a chain? Are local places like Lion's Choice or Fortel's or Rich and Charlie's chains? I really don't know.

Let us know what you think constitutes a chain in the comments.

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Literally, more than one location, it doesn't matter if it's "local" or not.  Realistically, it's when an owner is no longer hands-on at every location, instead handing over day-to-day control to a manager or franchisee.


There are Local Chains like you mentioned, but I think the definition would be a group of restaurants run by a corporate office attempting to look feel and taste the same way.

your mom's mom
your mom's mom

Local chain = money stays in local economy.National chain = money goes to another city

Lion's Choice good, Arby's bad.

Mike N.
Mike N.

I see you're point, but it's short-sighted not to consider the franchisee and the employees -- their money stays here.  Only a small percentage (usually about 5%) of revenue goes to corporate.  Besides, according the supreme court, corporations are people! :)

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