Forget "Gucci Gucci." It's Time for "Fishy Fishy."

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Gucci Gucci, fishy fishy, popsicle?
​First there was the rap rant about the conditions in the Whole Foods parking lot. Next? A retaliation aimed at shoppers who can't handle the Whole Foods parking lot.

Now? Parody rappers have moved beyond hatin' on Whole Foods to rap the praises of Southern California-style fish tacos.

Kreayshawn, the Oakland-based rapper who lost Sunday night's "Best New Artist" MTV Video Music Award to Tyler the Creator, can be flattered that her single "Gucci Gucci" has been imitated in the taco video, "Fishy Fishy."

Next? We predict a parody of Kreayshawn's "Rich Whores," titled "Rich S'mores." Until then, it's Taco Tuesday.

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I don't know what the relationship between the fishy fishy rapper words and this pic. I do think about too much!

Mike N.
Mike N.

Huh, funny this is your Kreayshawn story, because after the VMAs someone posted some naked pics of her from back when she was underage...  But I guess this is more food related.

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